Forgotten Realms

Session 2 post dated summary

The rescue mission that almost failed

Various adventurers are contacted by letter. They are offered 200 gold in return for completing a task. They are to meet their exployer at a fork in the road near the town of Thentia where there is a tree with the face of a man carved into it.

The ones who took up the offer arrive. They are:

Coras Kennyghymn

An elven Ranger, raised by halfling farmers who were murdered by a savage ogre.


An enigmatic human rogue whose past is a mystery.


A halfline Cleric.

Content Not Found: Badger

The gnome bard, who has both a cracking whip and a penchant for fleeing from trouble.

Immediately suspicious of each other, the would be adventurers interact in strangely guarded ways until they are approached by a beautiful woman, who identifies herself as a harper. Her name is Content Not Found: Lenora.

Lenora hires the adventurers to infiltrate a house where two “friends of the harpers” are being held captive. She tells the PC’s that they are under the affects of a magical sleep and need to be administered a potion she provides in order to wake.

Some of the PC’s haggle with Lenora and she offers them alternative rewards to the 200 gold she originally states. She tells the PC’s to meet her in the town of Thentia at the whispy hemp inn after they suceed.

The PC’s approach the house and after a tough fight kill the two human mercenaries that guard it. In the basement they find the captives, Aramil Thorival Donodel and Binbou. They are awakened bythe potion Lenora provided the PC’s. However, an unknown third party locks the trapdoor behind the PC’s and sets fire to the cottage.

Badger, the gnome bard, activates a harper portal and the PC’s along with the captives are transported to a mysterious room.

The room is underground and the door leading out of it trapped. The PC’s activate the trap, which causes zombies to rise from coffins inside the room and attack them. Binbou borrows Jackal’s sword, and flies into a barbarian rage, ending the zombies with a litte help from Dyneris, who explodes one.

They solve the riddle that keeps the door shut and on the otherside are greeted by Terex. Terex claims to have known Binbou’s father, Binrock.


devildances devildances

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