The legend


An orc who has had a tremendous impact on many lives. Father of Binbou.

Not much is known about this mysterious warrior.

What is known is he was at one time a Harper. And before that a clan chief of an orc clan:

Binrock was a clan leader, of clan Blood Eye. They were a fierce orc clan from the north who used to raid the towns of icewind dale. Terex the werewolf harper was sent to assassinate Binrock. However, Terex was captures and spared by Binrock, who explained to him the real reason they were raiding the towns of Icewind Dale – because their women were being kidnapped by an evil wizard and experimented on.

Terex owed Binrock his life and offered to assist in freeing the Orcish women in return for Binrock joining the Harpers. Binrock accepted, they hunted down the wizard together, and binrock left the blood eyes to become one of the only orcish Harpers in existence.

They were partnered, Terex and Binrock for a short duration. Later Binrock would leave the Harpers, claiming corruption in the organisation, and that is when he met Tharivol Donodel who he adventured with instead

Whilst a harper Binrock somehow earned the respect of Swan who years later spared the life of his son Binbou and Aramil Tharivol Donodel in return.

Aramil Tharivol Donodel witnessed Binrock’s death, and took charge of his son, Binbou


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