Can change into a wolf/hybrid/human form.

Seems quite good at killing things.


Terex is a werewolf and a harper. He is apparently a “remover of obstacles” for the harpers. In other words an assassin.

Originally he met Binbou and Thorival in wolf-form, where he was posing undercover as a druid’s animal companion.

In the cave Thor and co. were sent to investigate, Swan and his bodyguard killed all except Binbou and Thorival, and left for dead Terex in a storage room where Terex later encountered Thor and Binbou as well as their rescuers.

In the storage room he told the PC’s he is waiting to ambush Swan, who supposedly kidnapped his lady love Lenora, and who Terex has sworn holy vengeance upon.

Terex told the PC’s what little he knew about Swan’s storage facility, pointing out various dangerous areas (which the PC’s went into anyway).

Terex also saved the PC’s lives by destroying an animated chest, but claimed the couple hundred gold found in the room as payment.

At some point Terex got rather agitated forcing Choras the elven ranger to wrestle the werewolf to the ground, and inadverterntly winning the assassins respect.

Currently Terex remains in the storage facility hoping to ambush and kill Swan.


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