James "Jackal" Jackson

Chocolate Skin with a marsh-mellow explosion afro.


Chocolate Skin with a marsh-mellow explosion afro. Wears black as concealment to prevent jealousy towards his massive cock.

Does not look like a bitch.

Alignment: CG

Size: M

Gender: M

Age: 22

Height: ???

Weight: ???

Hair: Black

Eyes: Black

Deity: ???

Race: Human

Languages known: Common

Speed: 30ft

Max Hp: 9 (7)

Initiative: 8

AC: 16 Touch: 14 Flat Footed: 12

Base attack: 0

CMB: 2

CMD: 15


Strength 15

Dexterity 18

Constitution 12 Temp damage (4)

Intelligence 12

Wisdom 10

Charisma 8

Fort: 1 (-1)

Ref: 7

Will: 0


Shortsword +2 1d6+2 (19-20×2)


Light xbow +4 1d8 (19-20×2) Range 80 feet



Appraise +4


Disable Device +8

Escape Artist +7

Perception +4

Sense Motive +4

Sleight of Hand +7

Stealth +7

Swim +6


Combat Reflexes


Improved Initiative

Bleeding Attack

Equipment weight in lb

Short sword 2

Leather Armour 15

Light xbow 4

Magic Dust 0

Bolts x50

Pad lock

pebbles x 4

Silver Bracelet

Lockpick kit



20 pounds of silver ore





Lift over head:

Life off ground:

Drag or Push:

Gold 217 Silver 33

EXP: 4670


I will be a male human thief/rogue called Jackal. Jackal is a farmer from a different dimension, he was brought to the forgotten realms from a freak accident and when he woke up he found himself near a hilly clearing in an unknown valley (the place is actually called Faith Valley. The place is ridden with thieves who ransack travelers and traders who pass through. It is a route that is quickest through two cities but it’s tranquil setting is often its greatest disguise.)

Jackal is found by an Elf Wizard, he teaches him magic and sorcery along with a few other students. However, he has little talent and is teased and picked on by other students, he however, picks up the useful skills such as smoke bombs and other lesser magic used for diversions. However, it turns out that the Elf Wizard had simply picked up these innocent fools as bait to gather them at the mouth of Red Forge. They would lure the beasts from the cave, giving the Wizard an open path to cover and steal the legendary jewels from the volcano.

Jackal survives and manages to escape to the nearest Orc Village where he is picked up and brought back to health. There, he meets another human by the name of Kendall “Viper-smile”. Kendall, being the only human in the village soon finds a quick bond with Jackal. He teaches him the art of con-manship, sleight of hand, lock picking and other forms of trickery.

Jackal’s only wish is to find his way home to a world others simply thought were his imagination. He believes all Elf to be a scheming and arrogant bunch, and never turns his back on them, though he conceals his distaste for them very well.

He has little fighting ability and prefers to stealth and hide from enemies than confront them in full on battle. He uses tricks and traps to defeat his enemy, most of the time they are unaware of his actions or even his presence until it is too late. He is also good with a crossbow, but has moral problems with killing, unless it is for a greater good.

Jackal also has a soft spot for Orcs who he finds to be endearing in their witless actions, he finds a certain innocence and purity in them despite their looks. He is also highly respectful of the older Orcs who demonstrate high level of wisdom and cunning. Having said that, Orcs are the only race he trusts, he rarely even trusts humans in this realm.

James "Jackal" Jackson

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